Our Drivers

You’ll find our drivers to be a reliable, trustworthy team, hand-picked for their customer service skills and their impressive knowledge of our area, stretching from Dairy Flat to Whangarei and the Far North. Not only will our drivers deliver your gas on time and to schedule, but they will also place your cylinders in your preferred location. If you are not sure where your gas cylinders need to be placed, or if you’re worried about any dangers associated with the placement and connection of your cylinders, our drivers are also able to offer their expert advice completely free of charge at your home or business. We take your safety seriously; and you will notice that our drivers will leak-test your hoses and connections with every delivery, while also checking to ensure the area remains a safe location for the housing of your gas cylinders.

You can also be assured that we personally vet and train each member of our delivery team prior to allowing them access to your property. We understand that in allowing our delivery team onto your private property, we are accepting an agreement in trust and respect – and we take that very seriously indeed.

Our Customer Care Team

Our Rockgas North customer care team is located in the heart of Whangarei city – we don’t redirect calls or send you through to a call centre. When you contact us, it’s because you want to speak to someone who knows your area, understands your needs, and can offer you a solution! We’re proud to be Northland-based, and our friendly support team are right here with us. You’ll also notice that it won’t take long for our customer care team to learn your name – that’s because we value each and every one of our customers, and we really make that extra effort to ensure your needs are met in the best way possible.

We’re dedicated to providing the best service – so when you call our customer care team, you can be sure of a friendly, helpful, personal response every time.

Our Account Representatives

When you sign up for an account with Rockgas North, you’ll find the process seamless and friendly. That’s because we have a crack team of Account Representatives right here in our office at Rockgas Whangarei for example – not located in a different city (or even worse – a different country!) Our Accounts team are at the centre of our corporate and business communications network, enabling our systems to run smoothly and ensuring our account holders receive the personal, efficient service that we’re known for.