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New Climate Change Commission recommendation

  As you may have seen, the Climate Change Commission has released a draft plan recommending how to cut New Zealand’s emissions by 2050. One recommendation is to phase out gas by 2050, with no new bottled LPG to be installed after 2025. The draft plan is now open for consultation until 28 March 2021. […]

Holiday Delivery Schedule

With the impending Holiday Season fast approaching the following is a schedule of delivery days impacted over this period. We recommend that you check your gas cylinders some days prior to these dates to ensure that you do not run out over this period. Please note however, we do experience high demand in the days leading […]

Where to Install A New LPG Gas Bottle

Planning a perfect NEW installation – Where to Install A New LPG Gas Bottle So you want to switch to LPG for your hot water & stove top?  That’s a great choice.  There are several aspects for where to install a new LPG gas bottle to ensure quick & easy delivery. Cylinder exchange is a […]

How To Tell If a Gas Bottle Is Empty

This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Rockgas North.  We know how frustrating it can be when you run out of gas.  So here’s the low down on how to check your cylinders…